How to have more peace & ease in your relationships!

I have been researching and doing relationship for over 30 years. There are 5 main things to learn (which they don't teach in school), but I teach my clients, in-depth. Relationship & plan style Biorhythms Biological difference between feminine & masculine people. we think, hear, speak and feel things differently. ( I have some YouTube videos to explain more until I can blog more in-depth about it) A willingness to understand differences. Willingness leads to understanding....Understanding leads to Acceptance & Compassion (for yourself and others...which leads to forgiveness (doesn't mean condoning unacceptable behavior). Then forgiveness which leads to peace & ease. Read more [...]

Freedom from pain & stress

The most common reasons people come to me and get relief from is neck, shoulder, lower back & hip pain!   I hear from many clients how they have been to doctors, physical therapy, & chiropractic with no relief until they came to me! The reason is 25 years of practice has offered me a lot of experiential & intuitive insight as to the "why" of pain & stress, which I share with my clients. I like to offer my services at an affordable price. Just $1 a min. (plus $10 for inflation). People choose anywhere from 30-90 minutes. So an hour is just $70. Student & low income discount available. Freeing ourselves from stress should be something we can afford to do often since Read more [...]

Relationship Tip from John Gray

When a man simply listens and accepts a woman's feelings instead of objecting to them or trying to convince her to feel another way, she feels loved by him. He is validating her feelings and confirming her right to feel the way she does. It's important to remember that he doesn't need to have the same point of view to validate her feelings or point of view. When a man learns how to validate a woman's feelings - even when he disagrees with those feelings - he is more likely to receive the approval that he primarily needs... Every man wants to be his woman's hero and gain her approval. A woman's approving attitude looks for the good reasons behind what he does and conveys a feeling of Read more [...]

Transformational Hypnosis Available!

Easily accessing the most powerful part of your mind to free you from unwanted behaviors..... & create inner peace. This can be done in conjunction with a massage or by itself. FAQ about Hypnosis: Q. Why do hypnosis? A. Because it's the easiest & quickest way to let go of specific unwanted habits & behaviors. Q. Will I ever do or say anything that I don't want to do? A. No. You are always in control. If you've see people being hypnotized on stage, that's entertainment hypnosis, it's different from therapeutic hypnosis. People are purposely picked who want to get on stage and & basically  have permission to do to be silly & entertain people. Q. Will Read more [...]

Book List for Personal & Relational Peace

Just thought I’d give you a few books to explore to help you with some deeper understanding for inner & relational peace.

By John Gray:

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Mars and Venus Together Forever

Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice

By Dr. Louann Brizendine:

The Female Brain

The Male Brain

Shari Klein & Neill Gibson:

What’s Making you Angry? 10 Steps to Transforming Anger So Everyone Wins

Miles Sherts:

Conscious Communication

Jennifer Louden:

A Couples Retreat Book

A Women’s Retreat Book

Melody Beattie


Gerald Jamplowsky

Love is Letting Go of Fear

Thich Nhat Hanh:

The Heart of Understanding


8 Mistakes Men & Women Make in Arguments

Relationship Expert, John Gray share's these tips about how to avoid fights in your relationship: 8 mistakes MEN make in an argument 1. Aggressive tone or loud voice Men can care so much about being right that they don't realize that they often sound threatening and overwhelming. 2. Condescending comments Phrases like, "Don't worry about it." or "It's not a big deal." are big mistakes because it does not acknowledge her feelings. 3. Interrupting her with arguments that invalidate her feelings or correct her observations A typical comment would be "You shouldn't feel that way." Instead of taking time to reflect and saying something like, "I understand you think that..." 4. Read more [...]

Masculine/Feminine Stress

Masculine energy: likes to achieve rather than experience Feminine energy: likes to experience rather than achieve. Masculine energy is more about action: doing, thinking, decision making, logistics, analyzing, figuring out, planning, solving, leading. Feminine energy is more about feeling: expressing, intuiting, just being, receiving, following. Note: We all have these energies; we use them at different times in our lives. Depending on the amounts of estrogen and testosterone in our bodies, we will be most comfortable in either the masculine mode or the feminine mode most often. Women who have been trained to succeed in business (masculine) will have to use masculine energy Read more [...]

Climate of Trust

According to John Gottman from his 40 years of research with couples, creating a “Climate of Trust” is key to satisfying & long lasting relationships.

We all need help with this, however, since we only speak our “hormonal/gender specific language”, because that’s what comes most natural to us.

The beginning of creating a “Climate of Trust”  is understanding the differences that create conflict. It’s through this understanding we can have compassion, acceptance and openness to learn skills on how to listen & communicate across the hormonal/gender differences so we can have a “Climate of Trust” in which we and our relationships can flourish! 🙂

Frustrated in relationship?

There is a post going around on Facebook, called "An Open Letter To Men From Sexy Consciously Awake Women". I think the woman who wrote it and the many who share it, have a deep desire to be loved, adored & appreciated. What they clearly don't know yet is the differences between the "masculine & the feminine" person, and how to get their needs met by understanding these important differences. Generally, and not the rule, the "masculine" person is male and the "feminine" person is the female. What makes a masculine person masculine is the amount of testosterone they have in their body, and what makes the feminine person feminine is the amount of estrogen they have in their body. A Read more [...]

Making Relationships Work through Understanding

Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!The "baby" I speak of is the Relationship! Don"t get rid of a man because he's not a women! This is what women unconsciously do! (Men for that matter too.) Relationships generally end because we don't realize the gender and energetic differences that create conflict in our relationships, so we expect the other person to act and respond the same way we do or would. I hear from women "I keep picking unavailable men." For the most part they are saying they aren't available to do relationship the same way they do. Men generally aren't available for (too long if at all): communication about emotions or intuition (this is something unique Read more [...]