Kelsey and Camille Grammer Split

Can you tell who's the Football/Pen and who's the Basketball/Pencil?! Well, if you've been following this blog, or you've been reading your free downloadable ebook on How to Understand Compatikey, you could probably guess. You can even see it in their faces! Ok, it's classic, in Compatikey terms. She's the Football Relationship Style with a Pen Plan Style.  He then, of course, is the Basketball Relationship Style with a Pencil Plan Style. Makes total sense to me why they split. If it would have been switched around....this most likely wouldn't be happening. They both have a low tolerance for stress. I can imagine this relationship has been a real stress for both of them, especially Read more [...]

Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy expecting a baby!

As I said back in July (see blog post) about this couple: "I think this one has the potential for an enjoyable long term relationship!" Looking thru the lens of Compatikey, they have a lot of hidden ingredients in common. They have the same Relationship Style (Basketball)  and Plan Style (Pen) Their Chemistry is the same (level 1) and their movement chemistry is “in sync”.  Plus their Inner Style is “smooth to moderatley mixed” giving them a nice friendship on top of everything else they’ve got going on here." They are still going strong....and now they are expecting a baby! 😉  Blessings you two! Read more [...]