Relationship Tip from John Gray

When a man simply listens and accepts a woman's feelings instead of objecting to them or trying to convince her to feel another way, she feels loved by him. He is validating her feelings and confirming her right to feel the way she does. It's important to remember that he doesn't need to have the same point of view to validate her feelings or point of view. When a man learns how to validate a woman's feelings - even when he disagrees with those feelings - he is more likely to receive the approval that he primarily needs... Every man wants to be his woman's hero and gain her approval. A woman's approving attitude looks for the good reasons behind what he does and conveys a feeling of Read more [...]

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus!

I just finished the book, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" by John Gray  The classic guide to understanding the opposite sex! Love it! John Gray's work is a perfect companion to the understanding I offer! Understanding is the key to compatibility and peace in all our relationships! More understanding, less conflict, more love!! 😀 Relationship Science: What we have in common is far more likely to sustain long-term and meaningful relationships than what is different about us, however, Understanding our visible and invisible differences is a key to diminishing or eliminating misunderstandings. More understanding, less conflict, more love! Read more [...]

Relationship Advice from John Gray

I love John Gray's work!  Consider my Love Consulting along with the Relationship Coaching you can get from one of John Gray's staff coaches. The combination, or just one of us, will help you help you have more ease and love in your relationship! "What happens when a man feels like he can' t make his partner happy? Will he leave? What can she do to help him?" John Gray via Relationship Advice. Read more [...]