How to have more peace & ease in your relationships!

I have been researching and doing relationship for over 30 years. There are 5 main things to learn (which they don’t teach in school), but I teach my clients, in-depth.

  1. Relationship & plan style
  2. Biorhythms
  3. Biological difference between feminine & masculine people. we think, hear, speak and feel things differently. ( I have some YouTube videos to explain more until I can blog more in-depth about it)
  4. A willingness to understand differences. Willingness leads to understanding….Understanding leads to Acceptance & Compassion (for yourself and others…which leads to forgiveness (doesn’t mean condoning unacceptable behavior). Then forgiveness which leads to peace & ease. That way giving and receiving love will come more natural. 
  5. We are here to practice giving and receiving love. More on this later :).

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