As we move thru life…with love

As we move thru life......holding joy in one hand and sorrow in the other.....resisting neither......accepting both, we can be open to giving and receiving best we best we can desire! Wishing you ease and love, Patty                  Read more [...]

Can Love Survive Scandal? – TIGER WOODS & ELIN NORDEGREN : article below. First, my take on their relationship. I think for a number of reasons, they are going to stay married for awhile. We'll just have a look at the "Hidden Ingredients", however. Tiger genuinely is attracted to Elin. They have a combination of “magnetic and friendship chemistry". You can see even in this picture their "movement chemistry....clumsy". Makes sense.....too. The "Inner Style" is "extreme", so it either really works or it really doesn’t. They both have the same "Relationship Style", which is "Basketball". Elin, however is the "Pen Plan Style" and likes to stick to the plan.....and in situation, it's the plan of marriage! Tiger will be grateful for Read more [...]

YouTube – Couples Retreat (2009) -Official Movie Trailer [HQ]

This is a great movie to watch on Valentines Day…or any day! I loved this movie! It touched on many of the issues, joys and frustrations couples face. I was pleased with the way they integrated humor with the depth of feeling that is present in partnerships. Entertaining and enlightening, as well as an opportunity to experience a taste of the beauty in Bora Bora at the St. Regis Resort!YouTube – Couples Retreat (2009) -Official Movie Trailer [HQ].

Brad and Angelina

Angelina is a Basketball/Pencil, and Brad is a Football/Pen. Their Inner Style is extreme.Angelina has a higher tolerance for stress, and likes to keep things "stimulating"! Hang in there Brad....I'm sure you feel it's well worth the work! :)Relationship Science: What we have in common is far more likely to sustain long-term and meaningful relationships than what is different about us.  Understanding our visible and invisible differences is a key to diminishing or eliminating misunderstandings. More understanding, less conflict, more love! 😀  Compatikey show’s the “invisible” similarities and differences! Contact me to find out your Relationship and Plan Style for free! Read more [...]