Whitney & Bobby’s Tumultuous Relationship

  It was no secret that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown had a very intense relationship filled with conflict. No surprise, looking at their relationship through the lens of The Compatikey Relationship Mapping System, we can see why. They were opposite Relationship Styles. Whitney was a Football Relationship Style, and Bobby was the Basketball Relationship Style. Meaning Whitney liked stability and ease in relationship and Bobby liked stimulation and a lot going on in relationship. Their physical chemistry was out of balance. She had a "magnetic" attraction to him and he had a "neutral" attraction to her, and their movement chemistry, was "clumsy". Their heart chemistry was Read more [...]

Relationship Tip: Tone of Voice is Key!

Have you ever noticed the effect your tone of voice has on someone, especially your partner? It’s powerful!

It can make the difference between being seen as supportive and loving or as critical and hurtful.

Pause before you respond, consider what you want to relay and adjust your tone.

Wishing you more love and ease in your relationships!