Making Relationships Work through Understanding

Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!The "baby" I speak of is the Relationship! Don"t get rid of a man because he's not a women! This is what women unconsciously do! (Men for that matter too.) Relationships generally end because we don't realize the gender and energetic differences that create conflict in our relationships, so we expect the other person to act and respond the same way we do or would. I hear from women "I keep picking unavailable men." For the most part they are saying they aren't available to do relationship the same way they do. Men generally aren't available for (too long if at all): communication about emotions or intuition (this is something unique Read more [...]

Needs & Solutions for Personal & Relational Peace

  We are all trying to get our needs met as well as help meet others needs around us, as best we can. Often we are doing this without much clarity of what ours or others needs are or what the best solutions are to meet those needs, which translates, generally, ¬†into messy solutions or win/lose solutions to get needs met. This can be a confusing process given gender difference in how we listen & communicate, along with other potential differences. Understanding & Clarity is key to personal & relational peace. "When one person wins, the relationship looses". I help people find win/win, so the relationship can be a source of strength and joy for both parties. Check Read more [...]