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Dear Patty,
I wanted to take a moment to give many thanks to you for your outstanding, intelligent, sensitive, restorative care as a massage therapist and as a relationship consultant.  When I took my mom to see you, after the massage she said “Patty is reason enough to move out here”.  
It was really helpful working with you on the relationship with my mom.  In just a few short minutes, you helped smooth out years of deep trouble in a very painless and easy way.  I can not tell you how grateful I am.  Whenever we veer off track (which is bound to happen in any relationship that has had years of the worst sort of troubles), I remember your words of guidance and things run smoothly again.  
Thank you thank you thank you.  We are so incredibly blessed to have a professional of your caliber in the Valley.  Many people would have to drive a thousand miles to find a healer as unique, caring and effective as you.
With deep gratitude,
Lea Ash
Patty, darling, you are a godsend. As of four p.m. yesterday, I could actually move my neck all the way around with out pain! I could even  imitate Linda Blair in the Exorcist :-)Many, many thanks you’s, P. 

Polly Baumer

Many Hands Magazine

Hi Patty,I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful massage friday nite!I have had so much relief in my sacrum/tailbone area. it still feels so much better, it had been killing me for months. My whole body actually feels better on a lot of levels. I need to come on a more regular basis, I often don’t realize how tense my body is, I guess I tune it out so I can function and go on with the day. Thanks for your beautiful hands and tender heart!See ya soon,Janice B.
Patty’s hands and fingers seem to have their own kind of intuition, and I become more alive the moment I feel her wonderful touch. Her hands talk to my body in just the ways it needs—and the conversation is profound! I feel so well taken care of when I’m with Patty. She provides a quiet, healing place where I can truly be myself. Her energy is subtly powerful, never overwhelming, and she is supportive and encouraging with the utmost respect and care. She does more than just provide the most relaxing, rejuvenating body massages I’ve ever received; she helps me regroup, reconnect, and re-enter the world with a “new” spirit. Jane V. Professor of Psychology I have benefited greatly from Patty’s work as a massage therapist and healer. Her ability to remain conscious of my body and it’s particular needs during our sessions was really important to me. Patty encouraged me to let her know what I needed during my massage, specifically which parts of my body needed attention. Feeling heard without judgment or attachment is really important to me when I am receiving a massage, and Patty successfully maintained that atmosphere for me. The safe environment she created allowed me to relax and feel nurtured during and after each session. I highly recommend Patty Gates as a massage therapist. Amanda Feinstein Hampshire College Student
What I always sought, in my several years’ quest for a close-enough-to-perfect massage therapist, was a massage that was not only relaxing, but physically and spiritually renewing. With Patty the effect is even greater. Everything slows down. I reconnect with my body, breathe, unclench my brain and feel again what matters. Patty doesn’t gnaw away at knotted muscles as many massage therapists do, she coaxes them to unknot. Her touch is completely respectful while also being specifically (not generically) caring; present and in the moment; attuned. A massage with Patty is as valuable as a month of therapy, for all the grounding & perspective it brings in one hour of body work. I always walk out feeling deep gratitude, and I always walk out twice as slowly as I walked in. MV
Patty Gates promises a “holistic” approach to massage therapy and she delivers the ultimate in a complete spiritual, mental and physical experience. The tranquil low light, soft sound environment sets the stage. But the real experience begins with a unique focus on stress points in the head, ranging from the lower back of the skull to the facial structure. Wait till you have your ears massaged by warm hands! Other “special effects” include a heated scented pack behind the neck and on the abdomen, and warm lotion and warm smooth stones used to simultaneously heat and massage the major back muscles as well as the soles of the feet. Patty also establishes a unique spiritual connection with her patients and will often provide insights on emotional issues as they relate to personal health. All this is provided with her calm, relaxing voice and firm touch that inspire spontaneous sighs from the lucky patient. I am counting the days to my next experience! Rhonda Doney I have personally experienced Patty’s “Transformational Bodywork”, and can attest to her deep effectiveness and exquisite sensitivity as a massage therapist.Also, heartfelt thanks for sharing your massage therapy expertise with my undergraduate students in my Holistic Health and Healing Class. Those students who participated really enjoyed and benefited from it, and those who did not had the opportunity to observe “healthy touch” that will be useful to them in their personal lives, as well as their health-related careers. 

You have a lovely experiential teaching style that puts learners at ease, assists them in becoming more aware, and empowers them to be active in the learning process. The students enjoyed you class very much.Mary Ann Bright RN,CS,EdDProfessor of Nursing UMass

I appreciate the work you have done with me over the past few months. Your exceptional massage skills have given me considerable relief from long-term upper back pain and chronic headaches that had not responded to medication or traditional physical therapy. You have also shared very helpful techniques for responding to specific stressors in my life. Thank you for all that you do. Helen Lennon______________________________________ 

I will never forget the massage and energy work you did on me.

I was in SO MUCH PAIN! And you quietly said “I can help you”. I didn’t believe that – silly me!

I was in such distress and can remember it soooo clearly. I also remember with wonderment (AMAZEMENT!) how just a few minutes your safe, gentle hands erased the pain. Gone, Nada!

Oh and the relief afterwards. Followed quickly by the much needed sleep. Thank you Alexandra Howarth

Thank you for the wonderful way that you were able to soothe my physically and encourage me to go on and pursue new dreams. You have a gentle way of motivating people to believe that they can achieve, that was just as helpful as the massage itself. When I came to you as a very unhappy RN you encouraged me to go to pursue the dream of teaching dance and yoga. Now, 7 months later I am a very happy woman teaching dance and aerobics, enrolled in a yoga teacher training, and preparing to be a personal fitness trainer. My worries are few and I must thank you for your transformative encouragement. Sincerely, Jessica Berger