Video: How the Relationship Styles look!

Imagine there is a way to tell what your Relationship Style is, and be able to describe what that style is like, as well as, what that style looks like.  How cool is that?! Here's all you need to start with to imagine you can know for yourself, not only what your Style is but what anyone else's style you'd like to know is! So, how did we find out what Relationship Style these Olympian Athletes are? We put their birthdates into the "Compatikey Relationship Mapping System". It shows us the Relationship Style along with 5 other important things to know about ourselves and others! Here are the "energetic" metaphors and what that feels like, for the two Relationship Styles, that Read more [...]

Relationship Advice from John Gray

I love John Gray's work!  Consider my Love Consulting along with the Relationship Coaching you can get from one of John Gray's staff coaches. The combination, or just one of us, will help you help you have more ease and love in your relationship! "What happens when a man feels like he can' t make his partner happy? Will he leave? What can she do to help him?" John Gray via Relationship Advice. Read more [...]