Whitney & Bobby’s Tumultuous Relationship

  It was no secret that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown had a very intense relationship filled with conflict. No surprise, looking at their relationship through the lens of The Compatikey Relationship Mapping System, we can see why. They were opposite Relationship Styles. Whitney was a Football Relationship Style, and Bobby was the Basketball Relationship Style. Meaning Whitney liked stability and ease in relationship and Bobby liked stimulation and a lot going on in relationship. Their physical chemistry was out of balance. She had a "magnetic" attraction to him and he had a "neutral" attraction to her, and their movement chemistry, was "clumsy". Their heart chemistry was Read more [...]

Brittney Spears and Jason Trawick

  Britney is finally with someone who looks and feels more like a good fit for her. She has been dating Jason Trawick since 6/09. A close friend of hers said "Her dad loves him. He's the best thing that happened to her." They have more important "Compatikey's" the same, than different. Meaning, they have more sameness than differences in their "invisible ingredients." They are the same Relationship Style, their Movement Chemistry is “in sync” and their Inner Style is “Extreme” which either feels similar or very different. In this case, I would guess it feels very much the same, given the other similarities here. There is also a magnectic and easy chemistry here. You Read more [...]

Kelsey and Camille Grammer Split

Can you tell who's the Football/Pen and who's the Basketball/Pencil?! Well, if you've been following this blog, or you've been reading your free downloadable ebook on How to Understand Compatikey, you could probably guess. You can even see it in their faces! Ok, it's classic, in Compatikey terms. She's the Football Relationship Style with a Pen Plan Style.  He then, of course, is the Basketball Relationship Style with a Pencil Plan Style. Makes total sense to me why they split. If it would have been switched around....this most likely wouldn't be happening. They both have a low tolerance for stress. I can imagine this relationship has been a real stress for both of them, especially Read more [...]

Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy expecting a baby!

As I said back in July (see blog post) about this couple: "I think this one has the potential for an enjoyable long term relationship!" Looking thru the lens of Compatikey, they have a lot of hidden ingredients in common. They have the same Relationship Style (Basketball)  and Plan Style (Pen) Their Chemistry is the same (level 1) and their movement chemistry is “in sync”.  Plus their Inner Style is “smooth to moderatley mixed” giving them a nice friendship on top of everything else they’ve got going on here." They are still going strong....and now they are expecting a baby! 😉  Blessings you two! Read more [...]

Prince William and to be Princess Kate

These two have what I call the "glue of a relationship", which is an intense magnetic chemistry happening, and their Movement Chemistry is Insync. They have more opposites in their "hidden ingredients" than sameness. He's the Basketball Relationship Style and she's the Football Relationship Style. He is the Pen Plan Style and she is the Pencil Plan Style. The opposite plan style seems to work best in two cases: 1. If they know about the differences. 2. If the man is the pen and the women is the pencil. Oh.... and it works even better if the man happens to be a prince!! 😉 I think these two will be royally dancing together for a long time! Read more [...]

Ashton and Demi’s hidden challenges

Ashton and Demi's "hidden challenges"  can be less challenging if they understood them better. Ashton tweeted,  he is "Asking 4 the energy 2 forge bonds with our similarities & find compromise in our differences." Some big differences are found in looking at the "hidden ingredients" that can be found through the Compatikey Relationship Mapping System. The 3 main "differences" which can be very challenging, if they are not aware of them are as follows: 1. They have the opposite Plan Style. She is a Pen and he is a Pencil. (and that is commonly more challenging when the women is the pen and the man is the pencil) 2. Their "Movement Chemisty" is clumsy. Which can make not only Read more [...]

Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy breakup

I was wondering how long this relationship was going to last. If they would have been aware of the differences it would have been helpful. Especially one main difference was that she is the "Pen" Plan Style and he is the "Pencil" Plan Style. It was helpful they were the same relationship style, which is "Football". I find when a woman is a Pen and the man a Pencil, it's more challenging than the other way around. She would have more expectations about the relationship than he would. In fact, the words expectation and disappointment come freely out of a pens mouth....rare to hear that from a Pencil Plan Style person. Pencils are more "going with the flow" of things. My guess is she just Read more [...]

David Krumholtz and Vanessa Britting Wed

Cute couple! They have more similar "hidden ingredients" than differences. They are both the Football Relationship Style, they have the same chemistry to each other ((level 1), which is nice. Their "Inner Style" is smooth and easy. It would be helpful for them to know that she is the "Pen" plan style and he is the "Pencil' plan style, and that their "Movement Chemistry" is "clumbsy feet". This understanding would avoid a lot of conflict and blame. Understanding means, less conflict.... more love! 🙂 For more information about Understanding this language click here or look under Compatikey on this site. Read more [...]

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey Split

These two have more differences than similarities in the "hidden ingredients". If they would have had this information earlier, they could have understood the challenges much easier. Judgment and blame usually win, when understanding is lacking. She is a Football/Pen and he is a Football/Pencil.  He has a low tolerance for stress, their Inner Style is "heavily mixed" and their Chemistry was a level 1/1 and their Movement Chemistry is "clumsy feet".  If all this sounds like another language..... it is. It's Compatikey language....and it's easy to understand, especially if you checkout the free download on "How to Understand Compatikey", right here on this site. She has the classic female Read more [...]

Jennifer Aniston and Gerald Butler

Here's a new romance.....sweet...and most likely very hot! These two have the same Relationship Style (Basketball) with differnt plan styles. She's a "pen" Plan Style and he's a "pencil" Plan Style. What do these mean?     See how the styles view each other   The interesting thing, for people who can see and feel this, is their chemistry! It's clear to me...so when I looked it up, it was verified: She has a "magnetic or level 3" chemistry towards him, he has the "friendly or level 2" chemistry  to her and their movement chemistry is "clumsy"!  What do these mean?   It's all good...just fun to see and show you the inner "hidden" dynamics that Read more [...]