Relationship Styles and Plan Styles

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If you’d like to guess your own styles first before checking with me, pick one from each style that fits the most.

Using the Compatikey Relationship Mapping System®, these are the first 2 out of 6 Compatikeys.

Each person is unique. There are a variety of personalities within each style.

All the styles are perfect! Knowing who’s who in your life makes it easier to accept, manage and enjoy all your relationships better.

Relationship Styles

The Relationship Style is the core way we do relationships.


Football Relationship Style “holds” the relationship ball in a variety of stabilizing ways!

They can be stabilizing in their relationships. They like ease and stability in relationship.


Basketball Relationship Style “dribbles” the relationship ball in a variety of stimulating ways!

They can be stimulating in their relationships. They like stimulation in relationship and a lot going on.

Plan Styles

The Plan Style is how we navigate or move thru our days and lives, in and out of relationships.

Plan Style-PencilPencils can “easily” erase plans.

They are flexible and comfortable with spontaneity.  They generally have little to no expectations,and likes to “go with the flow”.

Plan Style-PenPens “prefer” to make and keep plans.

They like to make plans. They feel most comfortable when they have a plan.  They generally have expectations.

The Erasable Pen
  • When someone demonstrates the qualities of both Plan Styles, they can be thought of as an Erasable Pen, however, they still are either a pen or a pencil, just closer to the mid-line.


Note: The Compatikey Relationship Mapping System is one of many that attempt to explain the complexities that make up a human being.  This system is based on ancient wisdom, intuition and technology. This system shows 6 important traits, including the intensity of the chemistry between two people.

Many people guess what their styles are quickly and easily. Some people feel they can fit into more than one style. The key is to see what fits the most.  When you contact me for a free introductory phone consultation, I’ll help you understand your styles more clearly.

For more information or if you would like to have your own personal Compatikey Relationship Map that lets you see you and your significant relationships quickly and visually as well as your chemisty with anyone, click here.

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