How the Styles view each other

RStyle-FootballRStyle-BasketballFootball Relationship Style tends to view Basketball Relationship Style as stimulating ….and on the flip side, Footballs can tend to view Basketballs as a little too stimulating.


RStyle-BasketballRStyle-FootballBasketball Relationship Style tends to view Football Relationship Style as stabilizing …..and on the flip side, Basketballs can tend to view Footballs as a little too stabilizing.

Plan Style-PencilPlan Style-PenPencils can appreciate how pens can make and keep plans, but  at time can tend to think that pens are seemingly too rigid and expect too much planning, or too much from them.


Plan Style-PenPlan Style-PencilPens can appreciate pencils flexibility and ability to flow easily with things…. but at times, can tend to think that pencils are seemingly flaky, immature or irresponsible.


Understanding the differences can be a huge help in enjoying and managing the relationship as is, instead of expecting the other to be the same as you.

For more information about the styles look under “Relationship Style and Plan Style”.

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