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“Last December you did a compatibility check for me with my now boyfriend Michael. The report showed no differences and compatibility. I am happy to say that my relationship is going well; it is the closest most significant relationship of my life. I thank you very much for all of your help. I am so glad you are doing that work that you are doing and that I received guidance from you at the right moment”.
Laura M 10/11

This is from a woman who’s “Plan Style” is a “Pencil” and her partner is a “Pen”.  After her session with me, she’s able to let go of judgement and blame of herself and her partner regarding planning. This is what she has to say: “Thank you again for the fascinating session!  You’ll be glad to know that when Tom made his classic “Pen” statement about a meeting we’re planning, I smiled (inside myself) and savored the feeling of, “oh yeah, I understand why he’s saying this. It’s totally reasonable for a “pen” plan style person to speak like this.” Carlyn Saltman Greenfield Ma.

Years ago I was entering into a new relationship that involved a pretty major move across the country. I was feeling pretty good about my choice, but I consulted Patty and received a Love Consult about this new relationship… just in case. The consult confirmed my choice, which helped me to feel even more confident. Patty also gave us some very specific advice that I followed, and I’m convinced it helped us make this relationship work even better. Now almost ten happy years later, I still look back on that Consult with Patty as extremely helpful and spot on. I recommend Patty and Compatikey! Sylvia Brallier Las Vegas, NV

I really enjoy meeting with you from time to time during my dating process. It helps me get more clarity and moves me more in the direction of attracting my ideal mate, than I have on my own. It makes dating a lot easier and more enjoyable. Thank you. TL Ma.

Thanks again for a lovely meeting yesterday – I’m very excited about working with you. For the first time in a long time, I feel like there is hope! Kat L. Northampton Ma.
With just one consultation we learned things we never learned in couples’ therapy. We left with an acceptance of each other that helped us to communicate again and reconnect to the love we share. It’s amazing!
Beth, Northampton, Ma
“I have discovered feelings of hope, confidence, relief, and encouragement with Patty and the Love Consulting work. Her knowledge, clarity, intuition, and loving nature resonated in my core and opened my heart to myself and my past. With the tools I have learned, I believe I can now move forward with openness, understanding, acceptance, and joy.”
Sharon from Vermont
I’ve worked with some very good consultants over the years and Patty is among the best. She has extensive knowledge and great intuitive skills. She is supportive and intuitive… I’ve found her work around relationships particularly useful, impressive and accurate. I have no hesitation in recommending her to any of my friends.
Gary Einsidler Ma.
Patty intuited our compatibility. We’ve married, and now we are living it together.
Mary Ann Bright professor of Nursing, UMass

“When you told me that my “stress tolerance” is low, I resisted that at first, thinking that was a defect in me. Then after giving that more thought I realized, that I really don’t have as high of a tolerance as others I know, that have the high stress tolerance. I then began to see how I push myself way beyond my limit, thinking I “should” be able to handle this much stress. This new awareness has given me permission to allow more self care. Thank you so much!” LT in Ma.

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