How some people are using the understanding of Compatikey “Plan Styles”

I had a client tell me the other day, that she and her co-workers are guessing who’s what “plan style”,  in their department. Whether they are the “pencil plan style” or the “pen plan style”, or closer to the middle (eraseable pen).

 She said, what’s been most fun and useful about it is, they are able to see that people have a different plan styles and that they get it and can name it! This new level of understanding helps them to stop judging each other or themselves if they don’t have the “same” style. More understanding less conflict! 🙂

Plan Style-PencilPlan Style-Pen What is the “Plan Style”?

How the styles view each other!

Find out what your’s is… me! 

Relationship Science: What we have in common is far more likely to sustain long-term and meaningful relationships than what is different about us.  Understanding our visible and invisible differences is a key to diminishing or eliminating misunderstandings. More understanding, less conflict, more love! 😀

Compatikey show’s the “invisible” similarities and differences!

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