Transformational Hypnosis Available!

Easily accessing the most powerful part of your mind to free you from unwanted behaviors….. & create inner peace.

This can be done in conjunction with a massage or by itself.

FAQ about Hypnosis:

Q. Why do hypnosis?

A. Because it’s the easiest & quickest way to let go of specific unwanted habits & behaviors.

Q. Will I ever do or say anything that I don’t want to do?

A. No. You are always in control. If you’ve see people being hypnotized on stage, that’s entertainment hypnosis, it’s different from therapeutic hypnosis. People are purposely picked who want to get on stage and & basically  have permission to do to be silly & entertain people.

Q. Will I fall asleep and be unaware of what’s going on?

A. No. You’ll be in a very deep relaxed state and be able to hear and speak.


Hypnosis available via Skype as well!