Reaching Peace and Love thru Understanding Ourselves and Others

  "Understanding leads to Compassion.... Compassion leads to Acceptance.... Acceptance leads to Forgiveness.... Forgiveness leads to Peace.... Peace leads to Love."  ~ Patty Gates This is what my work is about. I give people the understanding... that makes sense, because I put words to what they already feel....which leads them to compassion and acceptance (of themselves and others)....which helps them let go of the judgement and blame, which is forgiveness (of themselves and others)....which leads to peace.....that opens the door... to love. Read more [...]

Welcome to my website blog

            Offering Free Introductory to: Massage for Women   Love & Relationship Consulting        I work with singles who want to date more successfully & anyone looking for clarity and understanding in any relationship. You'll find lots of testimonials around the site, including what "They're Saying" on the left. The Blog below is mainly showing you Celebrity Relationships seen thru the lens of the Compatikey Relationship Mapping System, which is the core of my Love and Relationship Consulting. Read more [...]