Love is always the answer!

"Creating positive relationships begins with ourselves. What we believe, what we see, and what we experience depends directly on the thoughts we have in our minds." In the book 'Love is the Answer' by Jamplosky and Cirincione, they teach a "psychological-spiritual" approach called Attitudinal Healing, which is a process of letting go of the fearful, guilty, angry, negative thoughts that so many of us carry around in our minds. It is based on the premise that it is not other people or circumstances that cause us to be upset, but rather our own thoughts and attitudes about those people and circumstances that cause us distress. In attitudinal Healing, health is defined as "inner peace" and healing Read more [...]

Reaching Peace and Love thru Understanding Ourselves and Others

  "Understanding leads to Compassion.... Compassion leads to Acceptance.... Acceptance leads to Forgiveness.... Forgiveness leads to Peace.... Peace leads to Love."  ~ Patty Gates This is what my work is about. I give people the understanding... that makes sense, because I put words to what they already feel....which leads them to compassion and acceptance (of themselves and others)....which helps them let go of the judgement and blame, which is forgiveness (of themselves and others)....which leads to peace.....that opens the door... to love. Read more [...]

Sandra Bullock and Jessie James

This is a very sad situation. My heart really goes out to Sandra. This is a case where so many things on the "hidden ingredients" were similar, but there were more things on the "visible ingredients" that were disimilar! I'm thinking it was the "hidden stuff" that drew them together, and because it was so beautiful and felt so easy, that they thought they could just make it work, or, I'm guessing,  she thought she could anyway, despite their lifestyle differences. People magazine readers voted them "MOST IN LOVE" "Best Actress Sandra Bullock and husband Jesse James were, hands-down, the loviest, cuddliest, schmoopiest couple at the awards, with a whopping 68% of readers picking the Read more [...]