Male & Female Brain wired differently!

Neurogentic research shows that male and female brains are wired differently, which validates and sheds light on a lot of the conflict we can have in relating with the opposite sex. My relationship advice is to understand the different preferences our brains have us wired for. By understanding these differences we can have acceptance and hopefully a sense of humor, when we expect the opposite sex to value or prefer things in the same way we would. Note: When it's stated below that "male brains prefer", they mean people who have more testosterone in their bodies than estrogen. (Which is about 80% men) When it's stated below that "female brains prefer", they mean people who have Read more [...]

Understanding gender differences can help minimize relationship problems

Understanding is the key to minimizing relationship problems One of the biggest relationship problems I hear about, especially from women, is how frustrating and challenging it is to communicate with their partner! We naturally think because we are taking to another human being that we would be speaking the same language, especially if you both are from the same country. That assumption and expectation is the beginning of the problem, if you are trying to communicate with the opposite sex! Fortunately there has been a lot of research on gender differences as well as gender communication style differences, that gives us understanding, so we can hopefully develop compassion and acceptance Read more [...]