Practice Peace

Here is a simple yet profound exercise to “Practice Peace” so you can be more peaceful & open to enjoying your life in any moment you desire. From this place of peace you can be proactive in getting your needs met, rather than reactive thus creating conflict within yourself and in your life.

This exercise can be done wherever you are, doing whatever you are doing. Especially if you are upset, sad, angry, frustrated, thinking negative thoughts about anything or anyone.

It”s meditation in motion!

Practicing Peace exercise:

Bringing your attention to your breath….

Take slow full deep breaths….deep into your belly…..filling up the sides of your lungs…..then a relaxed out breath.

As you breath, say to yourself, “Breathing Peace”.  Thinking only “Breathing Peace” as you breath in and out.

On the slow full in breath, say “Breathing” and on the out breath say “Peace”.

Letting go of the tension in your body as best you can….starting at your face, shoulders, arms and hands……then belly, legs and feet.

You can do this for just 30 seconds or as long as you like. You may even like to set a timer.

Enjoy Practicing Peace!  🙂

note: If you would like help having more peace or help figuring out what your needs are in your life or in any relationship and how to get your needs met, contact me for an appointment.