Practice Peace

Here is a simple yet profound exercise to "Practice Peace" so you can be more peaceful & open to enjoying your life in any moment you desire. From this place of peace you can be proactive in getting your needs met, rather than reactive thus creating conflict within yourself and in your life. This exercise can be done wherever you are, doing whatever you are doing. Especially if you are upset, sad, angry, frustrated, thinking negative thoughts about anything or anyone. It"s meditation in motion! Practicing Peace exercise: Bringing your attention to your breath.... Take slow full deep breaths....deep into your belly.....filling up the sides of your lungs.....then a relaxed out Read more [...]

3 Tips for a Happy Relationship

Men and Women think & feel differently.  Generally, a man will ask the question "What do you think", and she will tell you her feelings (or intuition) about something. A women will ask a man " How do you feel", he will tell you what he thinks. It"s a natural way our brains are wired. A man's opinion or thoughts are just as important as a woman's feelings or intuition. With this understanding you can honor & love each other better. Here are some helpful tips: 1.  For women to know: If you want a man to listen to you, you'll need to let him know, that it would make you feel better if he "just listen" and that you don’t need him to figure anything out for you or to try Read more [...]

The 5 Love Languages Quiz

It's been said by many Relationship experts that appreciation is a vital ingredient in your relationships. They also say love and appreciation go hand in hand. Gary Chapman wrote a book called The 5 Love Languages. He discovered there are different ways people feel loved (and appreciated). Take the quiz below to find out how you and your partner feel love/appreciated! Be sure to let others know, so they can show you that you are loved! 🙂 The 5 Love Languages® What if you could say or do just the right thing guaranteed to make that special someone feel loved? The secret is learning the right love language! Millions of couples have learned the simple way to express Read more [...]

Find out your Relationship Style & Plan Style

To find our what yours or anyone's Relationship Style & Plan Style:  It's $20 per person.
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For information about Relationship & Plan Styles click here Read more [...]

Male & Female Brain wired differently!

Neurogentic research shows that male and female brains are wired differently, which validates and sheds light on a lot of the conflict we can have in relating with the opposite sex. My relationship advice is to understand the different preferences our brains have us wired for. By understanding these differences we can have acceptance and hopefully a sense of humor, when we expect the opposite sex to value or prefer things in the same way we would. Note: When it's stated below that "male brains prefer", they mean people who have more testosterone in their bodies than estrogen. (Which is about 80% men) When it's stated below that "female brains prefer", they mean people who have Read more [...]

Relationship Report!

Understanding your relationship, with this unique report, will help you minimize your relationship challenges, as well as validate the good stuff you're already aware of. Current, past or potential future relationships. Contact me to order your report. I just need both birthdates (mo/day/year) $50
Both Birth Dates Required (MM/DD/YYYY Format):
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Understanding gender differences can help minimize relationship problems

Understanding is the key to minimizing relationship problems One of the biggest relationship problems I hear about, especially from women, is how frustrating and challenging it is to communicate with their partner! We naturally think because we are taking to another human being that we would be speaking the same language, especially if you both are from the same country. That assumption and expectation is the beginning of the problem, if you are trying to communicate with the opposite sex! Fortunately there has been a lot of research on gender differences as well as gender communication style differences, that gives us understanding, so we can hopefully develop compassion and acceptance Read more [...]

Men & Womens 6 Unique Love Needs

"Men and women each have six unique love needs that are equally important. You can better understand the needs of your partner by better understanding each of these kinds of love. Men primarily need trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, approval, and encouragement. Women primarily need caring, understanding, respect, devotion, validation, and reassurance. Certainly every man and woman need all twelve kinds of love. A man becomes fully receptive to and appreciative of the six kinds of love primarily needed by women when his own primary love needs are fulfilled. Likewise a woman needs her primary love needs fulfilled before she can begin to truly value a man's six primary Read more [...]

Katie Holms files for divorce from Tom Cruise

No Surprise to me. I was wondering how long this would last, given the "invisible differences"! Not to metion, how controlling I hear he is. I do know, according to The Compatikey Relationship Mapping System, that his "Stress Tolerance" is low. When someone has this, it's crutial they find healthy ways of dealing with stress, otherwise they take it out on others with anger and controlling behavior. Most people don't realize it takes effort from both people to maintain a healthy relationship, but with some opposite key styles and not being aware of them, it's close to impossible to stay together in a healthy manner. Here's further understanding of the Katie and Tom's invisible differences, Read more [...]

Men and Women’s Conversation Style Differences

It’s no wonder men and women can have a hard time understanding each other in conversation!

Deborah Tannen points out in her book, “You Just Don’t Understand”:

Men are often inclined to focus on jockeying for status in conversation: Is the other person trying to one-up me or put me down? Is the other trying to establish a dominant position?

Women are more often attuned to the negotiation of connections: Is the other person trying to get closer or pull away?

Since both elements are present, it’s easy for women and men to focus in different elements in the same conversation”.

Fascinating!! 😮