Katie Holms files for divorce from Tom Cruise

No Surprise to me.

I was wondering how long this would last, given the “invisible differences”! Not to metion, how controlling I hear he is. I do know, according to The Compatikey Relationship Mapping System, that his “Stress Tolerance” is low. When someone has this, it’s crutial they find healthy ways of dealing with stress, otherwise they take it out on others with anger and controlling behavior.

Most people don’t realize it takes effort from both people to maintain a healthy relationship, but with some opposite key styles and not being aware of them, it’s close to impossible to stay together in a healthy manner.

Here’s further understanding of the Katie and Tom’s invisible differences, according to the Compatikey Relationship Mapping System:

Katie and Tom have opposite Relationship Styles. Katie is the “Football” Relationship Style, and Tom is the “Basketball” Relationship Style. Simply put she likes stability and ease in relationship, and he likes stimulation and a lot going on in relationship. Another challenge is their “Inner Style”, which is “heavily mixed”, meaning they don’t see eye to eye on most things.

There is a lot of love between them, but without an understanding of the difference and a willingness to make things work, it’s was doomed to fail.

I’m guessing Tom will make many efforts, at this point to try to work things out. It would take a great deal of effort, and an openness from Katie, as well as an understanding of these differences.

I wish them peace and ease.