Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy breakup

I was wondering how long this relationship was going to last.

If they would have been aware of the differences it would have been helpful. Especially one main difference was that she is the “Pen” Plan Style and he is the “Pencil” Plan Style. It was helpful they were the same relationship style, which is “Football”.

I find when a woman is a Pen and the man a Pencil, it’s more challenging than the other way around. She would have more expectations about the relationship than he would. In fact, the words expectation and disappointment come freely out of a pens mouth….rare to hear that from a Pencil Plan Style person. Pencils are more “going with the flow” of things. My guess is she just couldn’t work with that any longer. Besides their Chemistry was a level 1 and the movement Chemistry was awkward or clumsy.

The core of this relationship was friendship, which I would guess that will remain or return after the hurt goes away.

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