Jennifer Aniston and Gerald Butler

Here’s a new romance…..sweet…and most likely very hot!

These two have the same Relationship Style (Basketball) with differnt plan styles. She’s a “pen” Plan Style and he’s a “pencil” Plan basketball-pencilWhat do these mean?



See how the styles view each other


The interesting thing, for people who can see and feel this, is their chemistry! It’s clear to me…so when I looked it up, it was verified: She has a “magnetic or level 3” chemistry towards him, he has the “friendly or level 2” chemistry  to her and their movement chemistry is “clumsy”!

Chemistry Level 3Chemistry Level 2Movement Chemistry Level 1 What do these mean?


It’s all good…just fun to see and show you the inner “hidden” dynamics that can be verified using the Compatikey Relationship Mapping System……love it!

Relationship Science: What we have in common is far more likely to sustain long-term and meaningful relationships than what is different about us.  Understanding our visible and invisible differences is a key to diminishing or eliminating misunderstandings. More understanding, less conflict, more love! 😀

Compatikey show’s the “invisible” similarities and differences!

Contact me to find out your Relationship and Plan Style for free!

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