What is Compatikey?

Compatikey is a Relationship Mapping System that helps people understand some “hidden energetic” differences and similarities within all of us.

It’s based on what we can sense or feel, but haven’t been able to put to words until now.

It use’s some fun icons to explain peoples Relationship Style and Plan Style as well as some other interesting things, such as, if someone has a high or low tolerance for stress.

We can also see the intensity of Chemistry between two people. Not only their “Physical Chemistry”, but also their “Heart Chemistry” and “Movement Chemistry”!

We can see if both people have the same or different levels of chemistry towards each other.

Understanding is key to having less conflict and more ease in all your relationships!

There are a few ways to learn more about Compatikey.

1. You can look under the ‘media’ tab on this site and look at some TV interviews.

2. You can look under ‘Relationship Style and Plan Style’ tab on this site.

3.  You could get a free downloadable ebook that explains in more detail. Just click here

4. You could contact me, for a 5 min free phone session to answer any questions and if you like we’ll set up an appointment to look at any and all your relationships looking thru the Compatikey.   Contact Patty

5. Check out the blog to see some celebrity relationships analyzed using the Compatikey Relationship Mapping System