Brittney Spears and Jason Trawick


Britney is finally with someone who looks and feels more like a good fit for her. She has been dating Jason Trawick since 6/09.

A close friend of hers said “Her dad loves him. He’s the best thing that happened to her.”

They have more important “Compatikey’s” the same, than different. Meaning, they have more sameness than differences in their “invisible ingredients.”

They are the same Relationship Style, their Movement Chemistry is “in sync” and their Inner Style is “Extreme” which either feels similar or very different. In this case, I would guess it feels very much the same, given the other similarities here.

There is also a magnectic and easy chemistry here. You can see that.

It would be helpful for her to know and understand the Plan Style difference they have, since she’s a pen and he’s a pencil.

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