Arnold and Maria….

I think this picture sums up a lot of their relationship….but I won’t disclose all of my thoughts on this right now.

I will tell you about the hidden ingredients, looking thru the lens of Compatikey, that made this relationship work and where the challenges lie. Obviously, there were more challenges than not, but it’s also very obvious in their Compatikey Relationship Map.

First off and most importantly, they have the opposite Relationship and Plan Style.

Maria is a ‘Football’ Relationship Style and she’s the ‘Pencil’ Plan Style. Arnold is the ‘Basketball’ Relationship Style and the ‘Pen’ plan style. Opposites can work much better, if they know what they are working with, so they don’t expect the other to do relationship or plan their day’s in the same manner.  Over time, the unawareness of these differences can be extremly challenging for both parties.

What worked for awhile was their chemistry….which was part of the glue of this relationship, which can be for better or worse. When the chemistry is strong yet it’s with the opposite Relationship and Plan Style, it can feel like a curse.

I wish them, especially Maria, ease and love thru this challenging time.

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