Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Split, but still friends….

I knew it was only a matter of time. You'll see I wrote about them when they were a new couple....3 months ago! In the “invisible ingredients” they have more differences than similarities. Joe has a "low tolerance" for stress, and he told People  " "Demi and I knew going into our romantic relationship that it may not be an easy one." I would think they were quite aware of the differences, but there was a "magnetic chemistry" between them that I would guess made it worth it, but for a very short time. Wishing them a nice friendship, for however long that might last. Sometimes that's just a nice way to wean out of a relationship. Nothing wrong with that. 🙂 For more Read more [...]

New couple: Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato

According to, Joe and Demi's fan's take over twitter! They are very excited about this new couple. Let's see how long this last.  If they knew their Compatikey results, it could be easier and last longer. My guess is Joe will do whatever he has to, to make this work, and she will go along with this, because she loves him and loves how attracted and adoring he is to her! In the "invisible ingredients" they have more differences than similarities. They have opposite Relationship and Plan style. Joe is a Football/Pencil, and Demi is a Basketball/Pen. JoeDemi What does this mean? He has a level 3 /magnetic chemistry to her and she has a level 1/nice chemistry to Read more [...]