Jessica and Justin split after 3 years


A source told people magazine “There really wasn’t a final straw. They’re just two people who realized they wanted different things in life and were headed in different directions.” Which is what can happen when two people have different ‘Relationship Styles’ and their “Inner Style” is ‘Heavily Mixed”, as seen, looking thru the lens of Compatikey.

She’s a Football/Pen…..and he’s a Basketball/Pen. It was their chemistry that was holding them together for 3 years. He had a ‘magnetic’ attraction to her, and their movement chemistry was ‘In Sync’. She actually had a ‘neutral/nice’ chemistry toward him… but I’m sure she found his attraction to her very seductive and exciting….especially since they were ‘in sync’ which makes her feel attracted to him too.

As I’ve said before, a Football/Pen women really needs to be with another Football/Pen. She really needs that stability and reliability. That’s a challenge for the Basketball Relationship Style, even if he is a Pen Plan Style. Basketballs are stimulating not stabilizing.  Football men can be with a Basketball women easier, but he better have a high tolerance for the stress that can come with all the stimulation that a Basketball brings into their relationship.

Basketball Relationship Style: Dribbles the relationship ball and is stimulating in relationship

Football Relationship Style:  Holds the relationship ball and is stabilizing in relationship

For more information check out “How the styles view each other” and contact me to find out your Relationship and Plan Style during a free phone consult.

In service of Love….Patty